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Why I chose GoWelMart for Franchisee ?


As only one distributor partner assigned per district and more products to line up, volume of turnover expected beyond the base value and ROI could be felt in a short while.


When partner is so aggressive then what stops company from rewarding more to distribution partner? Yes, many backend schemes for turnover, offers escalation to dealers and so on. So you are rewarded additionally with cash backs and other gifts.


Since you are exposed to most of the mobile dealer, not only the materialistic money but also your reputation and exposure becomes very high in your district. As days goes, there are more product to line up in our company. So the same may very high in all the business segments.


Main objective is to make every one win in the community including distributor partners and dealers. Company knows very well that unless all are driven to win the organization can’t win at long run.


We the growing entity, consciously recruits the aggressive partner and so all other criteria like wealthy background, Skill sets and experience are not expected but the only passing test is “YOU MUST BE FIRE”.

Advantages of GoWelMart Franchisee

Only like Minded(Tribes)

  • Not everyone willing to pay can join.
  • Franchisees are recruited after many questionnaire to find them that they are capable of aggressive partners.
  • This helps our community very healthy and grow each and every day.

Field Study

Scope is long term as model designed in such a way by understanding the psychological facts and pain points of a dealer that we can effectively have a strong business.


Since the model is designed for aggressive young & flexible people, it makes our community to reach the vision soon and stronger. Hence those who are with Mission, this is the right place to get yourself on track.


At a very minimal investment franchisees are invited to make every fiery and young mind to become an entrepreneur. Yes, compared to ROI, this on boarding franchisee fee is considered very less in the market.

Like Minded Recruited

Not all who are ready to invest can take our distribution franchisees instead we need like minded people. We are very serious in recruiting expected mindset and so, our entire community has the people like TRIBES. This not only gives you income, but also the successful happiness with complete divine achievement.

Welcome to visit Existing Set-Up

Since we are following complete transparency in entire franchise pattern, Any time who are willing, can visit and spend time for upto one week at office place or you can travel along with existing distributor partners to understand the company model.

Transparent Financial Disclosure Document(FDD)

Not only the model, For professional review, Financial Disclosure Document can be shared at office place to whom the would be distribution partners willing to.

Competitive Advantage

At present, We don’t have competitors. Its nice if we don’t have competitors and it is so nice if there are competitors. GoWelMart born and brought up from the competitive background. Even if one or two competitors pan india, they don’t follow our model like stocking and selling but their 50% of revenue depend on third party sellers.

Return on Investment(ROI)

Part where everyone concerned about, has been made so easy as no expense incurred like rent, electricity and staff salary support for certain period and the same extended till life time if the required target achieved. Hence the ROI obtained so early from our company in current market trend.

Minimal Franchise Fee

Compared to ROI, we have designed the ROI very minimally to support aggressive young minds,and our moto is to provide support than earning revenue via distribution partners.

Little Resource Enough

From office space, human resource, other materials are required very minimally compared to ROI and we are very careful that partners are not overloaded in resource maintenance and management.

Well Performer Picked Every Year

To reward the best player among the distributor partners, gifts and cash backs are provided every year. This is not about considering the revenue, but the aggressive output resulted on average of present market volume and revenue.

Make Everyone Rich & Fortune(MERF)

As we are following WWW concept, those who are getting in our community, they are made to obtain good profit and converting as a fortuner to the society. Since we are making strong channel, we are making all dealers to feel more value than what they pay to us for our products and services.

Chapter Setup

On days goes, once the distribution partners are enough confident about our business models and when our community grows, there may be many chapters to be set up to drive the community healthy. When something grows, someone has to lead it. Thus distribution partners itself appointed as chapter leaders to drive the subordinates and eventually can earn more and more in the future.


GoWelMart is a decade ago mobiles distribution company that dynamically suits to all kinds of mobile dealers and we are highly committed to provide wide range of branded mobiles and accessories needs.

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